LinkedIn now has about 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies. With B2B marketers reporting 80% of social media leads from LinkedIn, it can be an excellent platform to help you grow your business.

But to get the most out of LinkedIn, you should keep up a consistent presence on the platform and engage with users. It can be hard to engage with as many LinkedIn users as possible if you don’t have much time. Luckily, LinkedIn automation tools can help.

These social media marketing tools are designed to mimic human behavior and can carry out activities for you on LinkedIn. Below are some of the best LinkedIn automation tools you can use.

Linked Helper

LinkedHelper Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 11

Linked Helper is one of the most popular and safest LinkedIn lead generation tools. It isn’t a Chrome extension but rather a separate app.

Moreover, it doesn’t insert its code into the LinkedIn page. You can use it to automatically endorse your contacts, no matter how many there may be. These contacts may in return endorse your brand, boosting your visibility.


  • Uploading a list of profiles
  • Allows you to add your signature to customize your messages
  • Auto-messaging and auto-endorse 1st-degree connections
  • Helps save time with the robotization element
  • Has an auto-mailing system
  • Allows you to invite connections to join a LinkedIn group


  • Complex interface
  • Can’t use emojis
  • No integration with the CRM system
  • Can have technical glitches at times during contact gatherings.
  • No features for setting up follow-up campaigns


Expandi Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 12

Despite being one of the new LinkedIn automation tools, Expandi is safe and easy to use.

It’s a cloud-based platform that can help you improve your profile with its intuitive design and simple controls. Moreover, it’s set up to comply with LinkedIn safety rules.


  • Webhooks to integrate with other marketing tools
  • Smart inbox to boost customer engagement
  • Dynamic personalization that includes images, GIFs, and more
  • Smart limits to ensure that you only send up to 100 connection messages in a day
  • Get a dedicated and local IP address
  • An auto warm-up feature that steadily increases your daily limits


  • Can be a bit costly compared to other tools


Zopto Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 13

Looking to boost your lead generation efforts and get more qualified leads from LinkedIn?

Zopto is a great LinkedIn automation tool to use. It’s a cloud-based software that requires you to have a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account to get started.

When you sign-up for this LinkedIn automation tool, you will access a dashboard that collects and presents insights and statistics about your campaigns on the platform.


  • Easy to tailor your target audience
  • Allows A/B testing
  • New features are continuously being developed and added


  • Initial setup can be hard
  • Can’t automatically cancel a wrong campaign


Lempod Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 14

It’s a browser-based social media marketing tool you can trust to take care of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. You can mostly use Lempod to drive engagement.

This is a vital part of the LinkedIn algorithm since posts with the most engagement are shown to more people. The tool can help increase your profile views and connection requests, leading to the growth of your LinkedIn network.


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Drives views to your content fast


  • Can’t gain access to a free version
  • Limited functionality as it only focuses on driving engagement

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 15

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the perfect automation tool if you’re already using LinkedIn but are looking for more advanced features. It can help heighten your searchability power with personalized algorithms, increasing visibility among your target audience.


  • Impressive search functionality with varied filter options.
  • Has Inmail
  • A free, 30-day trial
  • Excellent profile navigation.
  • No disconnecting hassle as it’s the official LinkedIn tool.


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Limited starter plan


Alfred Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 16

Meet Alfred is a powerful end-to-end social selling automation tool.

Since social selling needs you to push out the right message at the right time to the right target user, you need a tool like MeetAlfred to customize your LinkedIn campaigns. You can also send multiple connection requests in a jiffy using this tool.


  • Creation of multiple campaign sequences
  • Powerful analytics dashboard
  • Auto-detection of any LinkedIn warnings
  • Tons of integrations
  • In-built safety usage limits


  • Limited starter plan
  • Doesn’t accept payments by debit card


duxsoup Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 17

Dux-Soup has recently emerged as quite a popular LinkedIn automation chrome extension. This is because it’s easy to use, even for beginners. It helps streamline finding leads, nurturing them, and getting conversions.

It has also made communicating with your target clients on LinkedIn more organized and hassle-free. You can create drip campaigns that stop when a prospect responds.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Easy management of prospects
  • A lot of integrations


  • Doesn’t work 24/7
  • Clunky interface
  • The device may slow down when you install Dux-Soup as a chrome extension


Salesflow Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 18

Although it’s a relatively new LinkedIn automation tool, SalesFlow has almost everything you need to boost your qualified leads. It can help you create a LinkedIn profile that attracts your prospects.

Other important features include scheduling unlimited messages and the ability to run multiple campaigns.


  • Allows you to manage all your activities from one dashboard
  • Innovative reporting
  • Outstanding filtering capabilities


  • Limited integrations

Lead Connect

LeadConnect Linkedin Automation
The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools: Ultimate Guide 19

Tired of growing your LinkedIn network manually?

Lead Connect can help you. This marketing LinkedIn automation tool can help define your target clients, schedule up to 100 customized invite messages, and send them to your prospects.

You can also use it to sync your target clients’ LinkedIn profiles to a CRM like Hubspot. This will ensure that you have a more effective lead-nurturing campaign.


  • Tailored outreach message templates
  • Team blacklist function that eliminates the chances of other teams getting in touch with the same prospect
  • Free plan


  • Inability to include images
  • Needs Zapier for it to integrate with other CRMs

Elevate Your LinkedIn Marketing

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